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REC Tour: 19/06/2006

Here are a selection of photos from the Ribble Enthusiasts Club Tour to Gillmoss and Aintree depots. Out tour bus was the amazing RML2716. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

RML2716 was out tour bus for the day and is owned by Doug Bailey. This is the second time it has been in Gillmoss as it also visited during the Titan Day.

B10Ms now fill Gillmoss depot with many from Manchester and Scotland as shown here.
21003 was one of the 2 Striders sent to Yorkshire Traction by mistake. It is seen here back in action at Aintree depot.
21068/72 were the 2 Liberators that were sent to Stagecoach North West's Carlisle depot for a refurbishment. The finished interior product can be seen below.
The interior of 21068.
32920 was one of two of the Northern Counties bodied Darts new to CMT to be painted at Gillmoss. It is seen back at its home depot Aintree after being transferred back here last month.
32922 still sports some of its former CMT branding
33159 is one of the Spryte bodied Dart SLFs that has just been painted at GIllmoss.
SPD 33179 was one of 3 that were sent to Scotland to be painted but all were in Gillmoss depot on the day of the visit.
34216 is one the batch of 10 ex London 9.3M Plaxton bodied Dart SLFs that have been transferred to Gillmoss over the past 2 months. It failed on its first delivery attempt and was recovered to Bedford but it was seen, along with its 9 sisters at Gillmoss. It is the only one that still awaits painting and an LED display installing.
The interior of 34216 can be seen here.
The finished product! 34220 showing off its new Corporate colours at Gillmoss. All of the ex London Darts were at Gillmoss on the day of the tour. How lucky!
Aintree got a handful of the order of 75 NEW Dart SLFs. 34782/6 can be seen here.
Repainted Solo 47160 has recently been transferred back to Aintree along with its 4 sisters. Its is seen here with its blinds set for a route which it will probably (and hopefully!!) never appear on - the X2!
The proper stuff for the X2! 52172/9 were transferred to Aintree from North West for the joint express service between Liverpool and Preston branded (slightly tongue in cheek it has to be said as the "proper" Merseylink is a local service run by Optare Aleros!!) for the Merseylink X2. 52179 is seen here.
This line up shot basically typifies the ex CMT depot at this moment in time. All that needs adding is a new Dart SLF!