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Latest News

Latest Update:15/04/2010

All the new MAN 18.240/ADL Enviro300 B46F are now in service, some of which are branded. All main fleet B10Ms are now in the disposals pool, with only Magic Bus examples still in service. Stored Magic Bus B10Ms sold are 20720/48/9 (K720/48/9 DAO) to Springfield Bus & Coach.

Due to the arrival of the new MANs, 2005 Darts 34746-34770/4-7 have been cascaded to Red & White at Porth depot and 34778/9 to East Kent at Thanet depot. Former CMT Wright Crusader Darts 33139/41 have gone to Bluebird at Aberdeen.

Former Yorkshire Traction (New to London Central) Olympians 16870/1 (N540/1 LHG) arrived to bolster the double deck fleet, though 16870 has since moved to North West.

Many changes have occured to the ancilliary fleet, check out the fleet list to see what.


Well it's been a while but I am still here!! And seeing as a lot is happening at the current moment I thought that I'd do an update.

45 new MAN 18.240/ADL Enviro300s are in the process of delivery numbered 24125-69 (the 24 series now being used for MAN deliveries from the 2009 order onwards) with PX59 plates, the first two being noted as PO59 HXP/R (thanks to Karl Sutton). 29 55 plate Darts are to be cascaded to South Wales with the rest of the new buses expected to replace PS/B10Ms.

The 6 Merseytravel Eco Solos which have been sat in Arriva's "Liverline" depot for the last 3 years have been bought by Stagecoach for us on contracts, numbered as follows:
47709 - MX54 YZR (ex 651)
47710 - MX54 YZT (ex 652)
47711 - MX54 YZU (ex 653)
47712 - MX05 MKL (ex 654)
47713 - MX05 MKM (ex 655)
47714 - MX05 MKN (ex 656)

Stagecoach deckers are once again to hit the streets of Liverpool with 5 Volvo Olympian/Northern Counties arriving from Stagecoach Cheltenham & Gloucester (though they were new to Selkent) as follows:
16411 - M311 DGP
16441 - N341 HGK
16442 - N342 HGK
16449 - N349 HGK
16452 - N352 HGK

And now for the rest of the news:

There have been a few minor changes over the last few months whilst I've neglected the site.

Firsty, the two buses in Liverpool and Everton FC AOAs (34815 and 34770) have lost theiy vinyls and returned to fleet livery as has Biennial bus 21118.

Magic Bus 20749 was debranded in late 2008/early 2009 to form a spare bus along with 20720. KirkbyConnect Darts 34214/5 have lost their red branding. Sisters 34212/6/7 passed to North West at Kendal depot and have since moved on to Western Scottish, where the Magic Bus Olympians on loan in December 2008 are also now at work as yellow school buses.

B10Ms withdrawn and put into reserve are 20310/7/9/20/616/21/9/801/2/58 (L310 PSC, N317/9/20 VMS, L616/21/9 TDY, N801/2 DNE, P858 GND). Sisters 20309 (L309 PSC), 20661 (K791 DAO) and 20725 (K725 DAO) passed to North West at Preston and Kendal (20661) depot. 20702 (K702 DAO) was sold to Whippets, Fenstanton via Ensign.


Another B10M painted in Magic Bus blue is 20720 (K720 DAO) though it does not carry any Magic Bus vinyls as a spare. This means it can be used on normal routes when not on the 14C, most commonly found on the 10B and 86.

More interesting Magic Bus news thanks to Les Burton is the arrival of 6 tri-axle Olympians from Stagecoach Manchester (Princess Road garage). The latter two of those listed below were the original Stagecoach Megadekkas, new as Cumberland 1201/2, the other 4 being ex Hong Kong Citybus ones used on Megabus work after being repatriated to the UK.

13616 G189 YRJ
13628 K688 CBA
13632 H778 VHL
13642 H625 LNA
14239 F201 FHH
14240 F202 FHH

Darts put into reserve at North West have started to enter service around the region with 33161/2/34048 (T36/7 CCK, R948 FOO) at Carlisle, 33174 (V484 LCW) at Chorley, 34213 (W213 DNO) at Kendal and 34079 (S479 BWC) at Preston.


Well, it's been a while since the last update but other things have intervened! Carrying on where I left off, all low floor B10Ls/B10BLEs now have LED destination displays, except 21068 which retains its dot matrix display.

The big news since the last update has been the intorduction of the Magic Bus into Liverpool on the 14C (City Centre-Broadway) using blue B10Ms. Transferred in from Warwickshire for this are: 20207-12 (N207/8 TDU, M209/10 LHP, N211/2 TDU) as well as 20731 (K731 DAO) from North West, last at Carlisle depot and local 20744/8/9 (K744/8/9 DAO) have also had the blue treatment. 20744 was the Liverpool Corporation bus. All Magic Buses have LED desty displays.

Gez Nicholls advises me that several B10Ms have headed up to Lillyhall for store, so far noted being:
20309 (L309 PSC)
20661 (K791 DAO)
20702 (K702 DAO)
20705 (K705 DAO)

Also headed for store in Lillyhall are Darts:
33162 (T37 CCK) 8.8M/Pointer MPD ex CMT
33174 (V484 LCW) 8.8M/Pointer MPD ex CMT
34048 (R948 FOO) 9.3M/ALX200 ex GM South/London
34212 (W212 DNO) 9.3M/Pointer 2 ex London
34213 (W213 DNO) 9.3M/Pointer 2 ex London
34216 (W216 DNO) 9.3M/Pointer 2 ex London

And transferred to Stagecoach North West's Barrow depot are 20301/9 (L301/9 PSC). Transferred in from North West is B10M/Interurban 52190 (L590 HSG) for use as a trainer. 52212 has gone on temporary loan to Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Staff shuttle Taxibus 60008 has been sent from scrap after being involved in serious RTA.

Loans for the Open Golf at Royal Birkdale this year were:

Fleet No
Reg Plate
Date New
Loaned from
13602 WLT 416 Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH November 1990 Western Scottish (Ardrossan)
13609 J701 HMY Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH August 1991 Western Scottish (Cumnock)
13612 J938 MHC Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH August 1991 Western Scottish (Ardrossan)
13618 H522 FRP Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH November 1990 Western Scottish (Ardrossan)
13623 H494 LNA Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH December 1990 Western Scottish (Cumnock)
13624 TSU 638 Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH December 1990 Western Scottish (Ardrossan)
13636 G128 WGX Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH February 1991 Western Scottish (Ardrossan)
13647 H606 LNA Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH June 1991 Western Scottish (Ardrossan)
13650 H627 LNA Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH February 1991 Western Scottish (Ardrossan)
13651 H603 LNA Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 Alexander RH January 1991 Western Scottish (Ardrossan)
17013 S813 BWC Dennis Trident 2 10.5M Alexander ALX400 January 1999 North West (Reserve)
17014 S814 BWC Dennis Trident 2 10.5M Alexander ALX400 January 1999 North West (Reserve)
17015 S815 BWC Dennis Trident 2 10.5M Alexander ALX400 January 1999 North West (Reserve)
17016 S816 BWC Dennis Trident 2 10.5M Alexander ALX400 January 1999 North West (Reserve)
19013 MX06 XAN ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 August 2006 GM South (Stockport)
19015 MX06 XAP ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 August 2006 GM South (Stockport)
19016 MX06 XAR ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 August 2006 GM South (Stockport)
19165 MX07 HNG ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 August 2007 GM South (Hyde Road)
19220 MX08 GJU ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 March 2008 GM South (Princess Road)
19230 MX08 GKL ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 March 2008 GM South (Princess Road)
19243 MX08 GME ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 March 2008 GM South (Princess Road)
19247 MX08 GMV ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 March 2008 GM South (Hyde Road)
19255 MX08 GNP ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 April 2008 GM South (Stockport)
19259 MX08 GNZ ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 April 2008 GM South (Stockport)
19260 MX08 GOA ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 April 2008 GM South (Stockport)
19261 MX08 GOC ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 April 2008 GM South (Stockport)
19265 MX08 GOK ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 April 2008 GM South (Princess Road)
19267 MX08 GOU ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 April 2008 GM South (Princess Road)
19271 MX08 GPK ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 April 2008 GM South (Stockport)
19286 MX08 GTF ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 May 2008 GM South (Stockport)
19289 MX08 GTZ ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 May 2008 GM South (Stockport)
19294 MX08 GUF ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 May 2008 GM South (Stockport)
19337 MX08 UCG ADL Enviro400 10.5M ADL Enviro400 July 2008 GM South (Stockport)

as well as the following from Aintree Coachline:

Reg Plate
Date New
New to
K100 ACL Leyland Olympian ON2R50C13Z4 Alexander (Belfast) RL H47/31F September 1992 Dublin Bus RH151
L202 SKD Volvo Olympian YN2RV18Z4 NC Palatine II H47/29F October 1993 Metroline V202
N421 JBV Volvo Olympian YN2RV18Z4 NC Palatine H47/30F November 1995 London Central NV21
N422 JBV Volvo Olympian YN2RV18Z4 NC Palatine H47/30F November 1995 London Central NV22
N415 JBV Volvo Olympian YN2RV18Z4 NC Palatine H47/30F November 1995 London Central NV15
N403 ARA Dennis Arrow NC Palatine II H49/35F May 1996 Nottingham 403
P493 MBY Volvo Olympian YN2RV18V3 Alexander RH H47/31F November 1996 Metroline AV13
S129 RLE Volvo Olympian Alexander RH H43/25D August 1998 Metroline AV29


More buses have been fitted with LEDs since the last update: Liberators 21069/70/2-5, Renowns 21110/1/3/22 and B10M/PS 20616, 20702, 20801.

Megarider branding has stopped being applied to buses, those noted with it being: 21106/17/22, 31335/7, 34478/80 and 34745/9/56/9/61-3/8/812/7.

Noted in Queens Square on Monday was B10M Trainer 52172 (L582 JSA) (pic here) which has been recently transfered from Preston. It was one of the original 2 Mersey Express branded coaches for the X2 allocated to Aintree. 21069 is back in normal use but still has it's fold-out L plate fitted on the front.


Happy New Year everybody. Sorry for the lack of updates but its been quite quiet. However, things have started to get a bit more exciting in the past few weeks.

To join 34819, 34817/8 have been re-registered S22/33 ABC ex PX06 DWC/D.

The low floor Volvos have started to recieve LED destination displays with 21066 and 21106 so far noted. megarider branding is starting to appear on the windows of buses accross the fleet, with 21106, 21117, 34478/9, 34812 and at least two 20/21 branded Darts noted. A pic of 21106 with both LEDs and branding can be seen here.


Don't worry, I'm still alive and kicking! Bit of news for you since my last update.

Following on from Liverpool FC having 34815 vyniled up (twice!), 34770 (PX55 EFC - apt registration!) has been vyniled up for Everton FC in a light shceme seen here and here. Both went to Wirral Bus & Tram Show on 7th October. The Liverpool Corpy bus 20744 has unfortunately suffered an electrical burnout but I have been assured that its almost back on the road again! Crew van 96002 has been painted into swoops livery as seen here.

B10Ms 20700/1 (K700/1 DAO) and East Lancs Darts 33143/4 (P454/5 DCW) have been transferred to Preston, but the latter may be returning. Dart 34799 has returned. Olympian 14046 (G646 EVV) has finally been scrapped having been stored at Manchester Hyde Road depot for months. Once Merseyside trainer 52211 (L641 LDT) has been permenantly allocated to Oxford in training livery. 52212 (L642 LDT) is back at Gillmoss. Liberator 21069 (R869 LHG) is in use as a temporary driver trainer.

Flood Dart 34478 was unfortunately involved in a fatality on Mather Avenue on Missies Night which damaged the front of the bus. It was impunded by the authorities for further investigation.


A surprise repaint has seen B10M 20744 (K744 DAO) painted into Liverpool Corporation dark green and cream livery in celebration of 100 Years of Motorbus service in Liverpool. It made its debut at the MTT Running Day on 9th September. Pics can be seen here.

New Dart 34799 has been transferred to Preston to provide extra strenght to the fleet during the current bus war.

I have decided to remove the photos page as it was becoming a pain to keep up to date.


Aintree closed as expected and all buses were transferred to Gillmoss. Generally, due to ticket machine compatability, ex-Aintree buses will remain on their own routes for now (though there have been a couple of exceptions!)

Another two advert buses (though one not directly for Merseyside) are our own Dart 34815 (PX06 DVZ) and North West Volvo Olympian 16335 (VLT 255, ex N335 NPN) which have been given red front ends and vinyls for Liverpool FC. The Olympian has interesting been made to look like an open topper with the sides modelled on the famous 1551 (see for more info on 1551), and it has also been refurbished inside with new DP Lazzerini seats and LED destination displays. Les Burton informs me it is ot be used on the X2 alongside the Enviro 400s branded for the 2 (stopping service form Preston to Southport), recently cascaded form Newcastle.

The fleetlist has been updated (and had the Aintree allocations removed!) and I have also compiled a list of Aintree's closing fleet which is linked off the fleetlist page.


Aintree is due to close today, now all building work is complete at Gillmoss, with all buses and services transferring over to Gillmoss.

Liberator 21073 (R873 LHG) has been given an all over advert for the B&Q Warehouse at Aintree Racecourse, pic here. New Dart 34819 (PX06 DWE) has become S44 ABC.

All the Marshall Darts have now left for pastures new at Preston, but are due to be transferred to Kendal once the new Solos arrive for Preston's Citi Network.

Dash 30652 (L652 HKS) has been sold form the group having been in reserve since 2005, having been transferred in August of that year from Fife. In other Dash news, three ex GTL Dashes with South Yorkshire, Pontefract have been scrapped, namely ex-7264/77/99 (L405 JBD, M462 VHE and L246 CCK), which had been numbered 204/8/6 respectively by South Yorkshire.

Thanks to Les Burton for his continued updates.


Les Burton has informed me that Aintree is now set to close on 15th June if all goes to plan. As of this date, all buses and services will transfer to Gillmoss depot.

The remaining 4 Solos have been transferred to North West division at Morecambe depot where they replace Mercedes Varios. Also sent to NW division are the remaining longer Marshall Darts, which are at Preston. B10Ms 20898/9 which were thought to have been transferred to Preston were only on loan and returned to Merseyside last month.

In rather more interesting news, Karl Sutton has informed me that Mercedes 709D/Alexander Sprint 40465 (N465 VSS) has been transfered from North West to Merseyside, but not for service! It was converted at Carlisle into a mobile canteen and given a toilet, for use on the road. Another similar one is due.

Olympian 14046 which was in store at Hyde Road for a long while last year has been moved to Morecambe depot for further storage.

Delta DAF 6008 (latterly 26004) J800 ABC, which was sold to Coastalbus, NI, in August 2006 in full Stagecoach livery has been returned to the UK and is at the Stafford Bus Centre awaiting resale. NC DAF 6019 (latterly 26006) N600 ABC has been bought by Isle Coaches, Owsten Ferry for refurbishment and further service.

B6 Dash 7277 (latterly 30941) M462 VHE, last with South Yorkshire, Pontefract and named BEVERLEY, has been sent to PVS, Carlton for scrapping. Ex London Northern NC Darts 7137/42 (latterly 32911/6) L101/18 HHV have also been sold back to Staffs Bus Centre from Carters, Wherstead.

The EFE model of 2628 "STEVE" is due for release in the next week and another Stagecoach Merseyside model of 34215, one of the ex London 9.3M Pointer Dart SLFs is to go into production by Creative Master Northcord later in the year.



This closure puts Merseyside in an even more unique position within the Stagecoach group by being the only division to have ONE depot although it was still unique to start with by only having 2 depots!

In more normal news, the first Solo to be transfered away is 47158 (ex S33 ABC) which has gone to Strathtay at Dundee. The Biennial Solo 47157 (ex S22 ABC) is in the process of being repainted into Stagecoach livery before transfer.

The remaining 5 Marshall Darts are now in reserve and are being retrimmed before they leave removing some of the last traces of MTL in the Stagecoach Merseyside division.


An update in yesterday's update: Les has told me that NC Dart 32922 is still at Gillmoss, not Morecambe, and painted but currently not in use as a PCV. PS B10Ms 20898/9 (R898/9 XVM) have gone to Preston.


PS B10Ms 20858/9 (P858/9 GND) have been tranferred from Gillmoss to Aintree. 20320 (N320 VMS) is back in service from Aintree having been in reserve since October 2006. 20107 (N207 LTN) has been transferred to North West (at Preston) along with the remaining ex CMT NC Darts of which, 32922 is at Kendal.

Les Burton has informed me that the Solos are now in reserve at Gillmoss and the rest of the Marshall Darts wll soon join them, all for reallocation to another division.

20418/9 mentioned last month are on the move and are due in Devon sometime this week. The trainer coach was just on loan. Three of the four Olympians held in reserve, 14045/7/8 (G645 EVV etc) have been sold out of the group.


The 6 other B10Ms transferred to "Cambridge" (some are to be stationed at Peterborough and Ely) are 20846-8/50/6/7 (P846 GND etc) meaning the entire batch to have left is 20845-51/4-7 (P845 GND etc). This takes our total number of B10Ms to 40, with 20 at Aintree, 16 at Gillmoss and four in reserve. The greatest number of B10Ms we've had at one time is 70.

The two H reg B10Ms in store at Lillyhall, 20418/9, were taken into the workshops a couple of weeks ago so could well be going up for sale or back into service. Carlisle's B10M/Plaxton Paramount 3500 III trainer 52057 (JPU 817) was noted at Gillmoss last month but was presumably just on loan.

Just after the 1 year aniversary of the Leyland Titan on Merseyside, I was informed that 10726 (ex 2726) was sold for scrap after giving service at Preston depot. Some interesting news is that EFE are to release a model of a GTL Titan! I kid you not, it is to be 2826 (NUW 628Y) and is to be depicted when it was red and named STEVE. More details on model number will be added when known.


A little piece of nostalgia first, as its exactly 12 months to the day since Stagecoach held their Last Merseyside Titan Day. RIP the Titan with Merseybus and her successors!

Now a bit more up to date. Nigel Diplock has informed me that 6 more P-GND reg B10Ms were collected from Gillmoss today destined to rejoin their sisters at Stagecoach Cambridge. More details will be posted when their exact IDs are known.


Les Burton has informed me that PS/B10Ms 20845/9/51/4/5 (P845 GND etc) have moved to Stagecoach Cambridge, arriving the middle of last week.

Gerald Nicholls has updated me on the Marshall Dart situation at Stagecoach North West. 33164 (T602 JBA) hadn't made it to Kendal by the middle of last week and had been recovered to Morecambe depot for some attention. Also, 33169 (T607 JBA) has been in the bodyshop receiving some attention to some minor body damage.


Les Burton, Steve Dave and Mark Haldon have informed me that the Optare Solos 47156-6 (ex S111/22/33/44 ABC) have been re-registered from their ABC registrations to S962/4/3/1 BBV with their ABC registrations to be transferred to other buses in the fleet.

PS B10Ms 20175/195 (K575 LTS/M595 OSO) and Premiere B10M Coaches 52210/57 (L640 LDT/M943 TSX) have been transferred to North West at Preston, the latter two as trainers.

Mark Haldon has also informed me that Crusader 33140 now has LEDs. Karl Sutton has noted that B10Ms 20899/945 have been repainted and 20931 is to be next.


After a visit to Gillmoss on Saturday I have a couple of bits of news to report. Ex CMT Northern Counties Darts 32920/3 (N653/6 CHF) were in Gillmoss getting refurbished, presumably for transfer to Preston to join their sisters. Trainer 52212 (L642 LDT) is back off loan from Yorkshire. With Mark Haldon's assistance, all the Sprytes, Crusaders 33132-5/8 and MPD 33162 have all been sighted with LED destination displays. Both ALX200 Darts were in attendance along with one of the Vitos. See the photos page for pictures.

Les Burton has informed me that the Optare Solos are in the process of being reregistered so that the ABC registrations can be transferred to local buses.


Happy new year to one and all.

The short Marshall Darts in reserve, 33164-9 (T602-7 JBA) have made the move to North West to Kendal depot where they will be used on town services. Another move to North West is of ex CMT NC Dart 32924 (N657 CHF) to Preston depot where it joins two sisters.


After mentioning that 21074 was still in red last week, it has now turned out that this was the last bus in mainstream to carry CMT livery. The other 5 were painted during November, and 21074 entered the paint shop earlier on this week, and should be on the road again very soon. Thanks to Les Burton.

Two step Darts in reserve still wear CMT livery but these are unlikely to see any more service with Merseyside, and if they do see service with another division then they will probably be painted. So its RIP CMT livery after its seen many (many!) years of service on Merseyside.

Les has also informed me that the Solos are soon to be cascaded to other divisions but he intends to keep the registrations to transfer to other buses in the Merseyside division.


Two Alexander ALX200 bodied Darts, new to London, have been transferred from GM South. 34048 (R948 FOO) and 34079 (S479 BWC) are 9.3M B29F versions. It is unknown as yet where they are to be based and on which routes they are to be used on.

On the repaint side of things, 21074 was noted by Steve Dave still in CMT Red yesterday. This is one of only 6 buses, all ex CMT Volvos, still to be repainted.


A bus movments out of Gillmoss to report this week. B10Ms 20306/9/10/17/19 have all moved from Gillmoss to Aintree, 20107/75/95/320 have all gone into the reserve fleet whilst 20193 has gone to back to Scotland to Bluebird's Glasgow depot. These latest moves mean that only the ex Manchester P/R-reg B10Ms are allocation to Gillmoss. A more unusual move is that of flood Dart 34579T going to Preston!

A more interesting piece of news this week is that Dart 34820, the last of the new batch of 75, has been re registered to VKB 708, which was last on B10M/Van Hool Coach 52002 (B483 UNB), that Stagecoach inherited when they bought MTL Heysham Travel! The registration was new on Liverpool Corporation Crossley bodied Leyland PD2 L252 back in 1956, so it really has come full circle!

The report I made that NC Dart 32915 (L117 HHV) was to be entering service in Preston has turned out to be incorrect as it has turned up, and been sighted by Karl Sutton, back at Gillmoss along with Dart 32666 (K107 XHG). These are probably here for spucing up before they are sold.

Titan 2122 is confirmed as being in preservation and is to be restored to Merseyside spec.


After the REC trip round Cumbria last week, a few former Merseyside buses were noted in the Stagecoach depots:
Titan 11003 (A603 THV), seen here at Morecambe Depot: Pic
Strider B10B 21003 (M388 VWX), also at Morecambe: Pic
Rather suprisingly repainted into Stagecoach livery, B6 30940 (M459 VHE), at Carlisle: Pic
Still in store awaiting refurbishment and painting is 32915 (L117 HHV), one of the ex London NC Darts: Pic
Titan 10868 (A868 SUL) is still lingering at the back of Morecambe depot with no engine: Pic
A few buses down the line, we found B6 30927 (L437 LWA), also scrapped: Pic
An unidentified ex CMT Wright bodied Volvo was masked off in the paintshops ready for Stagecoach livery: Pic

B10M 20317 (N3317 VMS) has been transferred to AIntree along with 20309 (L309 PSC).

NEWS FLASH!!!! Don't forget about the MTT Atlantean Running Day tomorrow (Sunday 22nd). Routes are running from Pier Head to Woolton/Penny Lane throughout the day. The 201 Group are running Cross River Services.


Contrary to the last report, 2337 (KYV 337X) has not been scrapped but has been seen at Hulme Hall, Cheadle Hulme with "sister" 2624. The new owner of Delta J800 ABC has emailed me to confirm that it is now in use with Coastalbus, Northern Ireland in full Stagecoach livery!

All buses at Gillmoss have now been painted and a big push is currently being made to paint what needs to be done of the ex CMT stock. This now means that Merseybus cream/maroon has been completely eradicated from Gillmoss (apart from Metrobus 596 which is still stored there!) along with the last named bus.

Despite most of them being in reserve, the Northern Counties Darts are still putting in appearances in service with two being noted on the 79 earlier this week. It has been noted on another site ( - It's worth a look!) that B10M Coach 52211 is going on loan to Oxford for a couple of months. Also, there are pictures of some CMT Wrights being painted.


Les Burton has informed me that the Marshall Darts aren't in store at Preston but are at Gillmoss and are to be retrimmed inside for possible reallocation within Stagecoach.


The 3 remaining B10Bs, 21003/5/7 have gone to North West Lillyhall depot for further use. NC Dart 32919/25 (N652/8 CHF) have been painted and should go to join the other 2 NC Darts at Preston. Also transferred to Preston are X2 coaches 52172/9 (L582 JSA/L579 HSG) as the X2 is now wholly operated by Preston depot. B10Ms 20895/7 (R895/7 XVM) have been transferred to North West Chorley depot. Olympians 14045/8/9 have all gone for use with Devon having been in reserved for nearly a year now!

DAFs 26004-6 (J800/L700/N600 ABC) have been reported sold so J800 ABC was probably only painted white. Also gone from the reserve fleet are all the Wright Handy-bus Darts 32280-3 along with most of the remaining Dashes, Plaxton Darts and the last remaining Titans 10332/7. The Titans have been scrapped.

The 6 8.8M Marshall Darts 33164-9 (T602-7 JBA) have, rather surprisingly, been placed in reserve at Preston! The 4 NC Step Darts at Gillmoss have also been placed in store, but at Aintree.

On a more interesting note, Renown 21118 (W467 CRN) and Solo 47157 (S22 ABC) have been painted into allover adverts for the Biennial Art Festival. The adverts feature cartoonised versions of Liverpudlian landmarks. The Renown is green based and the Solo is yellow based.

On an equally interesting note, a bio-diesel powered Scania Omnilink has been on trial around the Northern Stagecoach divisions and visited Gillmoss briefly earlier this month. It’s actually owned by ex-Stagecoach subsidiary Swebus and registered XMX 884.

London Dart 32416 has finally been painted into Stagecoach livery and should soon be in use. One time GTL/Stagecoach Merseyside Dart L120 HHV is now back in use with EnsignBus in its Stratford Blue subsidiary and was on show at Showbus this year at Duxford. See the photos page for a piccy.


Repaints to report this month are of Strider 21007 (M393 VWX), Renowns 21118/22 (W467 CRN/X116 JFV) and MPD 33174 (V484 LCW) bringing the fleet in need of a repaint down to just 24! More interesting repaints to note are those of Delta 21004 (J800 ABC) and NC Darts 32917/25 (L119 HHV/N658 CHF). The Delta has been withdrawn since about Feburary, and the last two are in store in Lillyhall!! The Delta is mooted for use with Yorkshire Traction.

In more interesting news, Western Scottish 14657 (C657 LFT), an Alexander bodied Leyland Olympian has been borrowed from Glasgow for evaluation and the possible introduction of Magic Bus services. 52115 (J606 NKP) has gone off loan and back to GM South where it is currently in the disposals pool.

Titan 2624 (NUW 624Y) has been bought by Hulme Hall, Cheadle Hulme, meaning that only 10332/7 remain of the ex GTL batch, though these are both in the disposals pool.


Just a quick update to add a list of the buses loaned for the Hoylake Open Golf Shuttles, mainly from Manchester and North West divisions. A note of congratulations must be added for Stagecoach for providing such an interesting turn out. From B-reg yellow Citybuses to brand new Enviro400s! A more detailed list is available on the istory list which has just been updated.

10056 WYV 56T Leyland Titan Park Royal North West (Lancaster)
10073 CUL 73V Leyland Titan Park Royal North West (Preston)
10686 OHV 686Y Leyland Titan Leyland North West (Lancaster)
10698 OHV 698Y Leyland Titan Leyland North West (Preston)
10699 OHV 699Y Leyland Titan Leyland North West (Lancaster)
11003 A603 THV Leyland Titan Leyland North West (Preston)
13606 J702 HMY Leyland Olympian Tri-Axle Alexander RH GM South (Hyde Road)
13607 J703 HMY Leyland Olympian Tri-Axle Alexander RH GM South (Hyde Road)
14259 H119 SAO Leyland Olympian Alexander RL North West (Chorley)
15280 B180 FFS Volvo B10M-50 Citybus Alexander RV Western Scottish (Kilmarnock)
15281 B181 FFS Volvo B10M-50 Citybus Alexander RV Western Scottish (Kilmarnock)
15282 B182 FFS Volvo B10M-50 Citybus Alexander RV Western Scottish (Kilmarnock)
15283 B183 FFS Volvo B10M-50 Citybus Alexander RV Western Scottish (Kilmarnock)
15284 B184 FFS Volvo B10M-50 Citybus Alexander RV Western Scottish (Kilmarnock)
15285 B185 FFS Volvo B10M-50 Citybus Alexander RV Western Scottish (Kilmarnock)
16294 R294 HCD Volvo Olympian Alexander RL North West (Kendal)
16636 P260 VPN Volvo Olympian Alexander RL North West (Chorley)
16637 P261 VPN Volvo Olympian Alexander RL North West (Chorley)
16638 P262 VPN Volvo Olympian Alexander RL North West (Chorley)
16639 P263 VPN Volvo Olympian Alexander RL North West (Chorley)
16640 P270 VPN Volvo Olympian Alexander RL North West (Chorley)
16645 P275 VPN Volvo Olympian Alexander RL North West (Preston)
18190 MX54 LPV ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Stockport)
18191 MX54 LPY ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Stockport)
18193 MX54 LRA ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Stockport)
18313 KX05 TWL ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Princess Road)
18321 MX05 WHN ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Princess Road)
18328 MX05 WHW ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Princess Road)
18359 MX55 KPL ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Princess Road)
18372 MX55 KPY ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Hyde Road)
18373 MX55 KPZ ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Hyde Road)
18375 MX55 KRE ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Hyde Road)
18376 MX55 KRG ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Hyde Road)
18377 MX55 KRJ ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Hyde Road)
18378 MX55 KRK ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Hyde Road)
18380 MX55 KRO ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Hyde Road)
18381 MX55 KRU ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Hyde Road)
18385 MX55 KSJ ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Stockport)
18387 MX55 KSN ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Stockport)
18389 MX55 KSU ADL Trident II 10.5M ADL ALX400 GM South (Stockport)
19005 MX06 XAD ADL Enviro400 ADL GM South (Unallocated!!)
19007 MX06 XAG ADL Enviro400 ADL GM South (Unallocated!!)
20132 P132 XCN Volvo B10M-55 Citybus Alexander PS North West (Reserve)
20757 K757 DAO Volvo B10M-55 Citybus Alexander PS North West (Reserve)
20994 R994 XVM Volvo B10M-55 Citybus Plaxton Paladin North West (Carlisle)
20995 R995 XVM Volvo B10M-55 Citybus Plaxton Paladin GM South (Stockport)
30307 M847 PRS Volvo B6-50 Alexander Dash North West (Chorley)
52027 M104 XBW Volvo B10M-62 Berkhof Excellence North West (West Cumbria)
52190 L590 HSG Volvo B10M-60 Plaxton Interurban North West (Reserve)
52414 P114 DCW Volvo B10M-62 Plaxton Interurban North West (Preston)

13/07/2006 (Happy Birthday!)

STAGECOACH MERSEYSIDE IS ONE YEAR OLD! And let's take a minute to note the massive progress that has been made in the space of 12 months. They started with a mixed bag of Titans, Metrobuses, B6s and Darts, along with the CMT fleet. During the months that passed the old Titans were culled, the Metrobus saw its last day, shortly follow by the Titan and the final Dash left service (with a lot less brew-ha-ha than the Titans did!). Now the fleet contains 75 brand new Darts, and nearly 20 cascaded ones, plus a fleet of Volvos at Aintree, and nearly 70 cascaded B10Ms. I don't think anyone envisaged the company that was once GTL could be revolutionised in such a way! Well done Stagecoach, and let's raise our glasses to the next year and all those to come after that!

More B10Ms to leave the fleet are 20177/94 and 20305. The first two went back to Western Scottish and the latter has gone to North West at Preston. 2 more suspected of leaving are 20152 and 20191 which have disappeared off the allocation, but I have no details on where the have gone to.

3 Northern Counties bodied Darts have returned to Gillmoss (again!), being 32920/2-5.

Mark Haldon has spotted that ex London Dart 34214 has been branded for "Kirkby Konnect 197/8" in red, the same style as the 20/21. Another one is expected to be done as the route needs 2 buses.

Recently repainted are Marshall Darts 33172/3 (T610/1 JBA). A special thing of note is that T610 JBA has had its moulded plastic skirt replaced with flat metal panels (hopefully not aluminium!!) and the blue skirt is slightly higher than usual. Also noted repainted are MPD 33162 (T37 CCK) (which doesn't have LEDs fitted!!) and Renown 21120 (X113 JFV). One the note of LEDs, ALL the Marshalls have now been fitted with them.

Mistral S902 CCD is officially a Warwickshire coach so has been removed off the list. Several buses have been moved from reserve into the disposals pool, Titans 10332/7, DAFs, 26005/6, Darts 32280-3/666/72/5/7.

Many thanks as usual to Mark Haldon, Karl Sutton and Les Burton.


After the REC trip to Gillmoss and Aintree yesterday I can now confirm that all the London Darts, 34212-21, have arrived. All but 34216 have been painted and are in service with LED destination displays. See the REC Tour page for some pictures. Spryte 33143 "GRANTY" is the only one that's left to be painted as 33148/9 were noted painted in the depot. SPD 33178 has also been painted and 33139 and another Crusader were noted in the paintshops.

Noted at Aintree yesterday was NC Dart 32922 still showing some of its CMT branding!

Lots of buses at Gillmoss have received LED destination displays recently, probably in a move to make them more flexible when it comes to service changes. There is also a likelihood that they have been removed from buses in store as well. A complete list of those with LEDs are as follows (discounting the B10Ms):

Crusaders 33132/3/5, Sprytes 33143-6/8/9, MPDs 33161/74 and Marshalls 33163/4/6/7/9-73.

The Strider B10Ms sent in error to Yorkshire Traction are now back in service at Aintree depot. B10Ms 20192/7 have been transferred back to Stagecoach Western, Glasgow depot. It is thought that Mistral S902 CCD is not actually allocated here but is just one of many coaches that is stored at Gillmoss after a Megabus run. However, I will leave it on the fleetlist until I get confirmation.


The batch of Darts have have arrived from London are 9.3M examples, not 10.1M as I originally stated. This means that Gillmoss now has one of every length of Dart produced from 8.8M MPDs to 11.3M SPDs, and 9.3M, 10.1M and 10.7M in between. They've also had every length of step Dart as well with 8.5M, 9M and 9.8M examples. The batch now stands at 34212-19/21 (W212-6/34/18/9/21). All bar 34217 have been known to be painted, with 34217 up at Carlisle for painting.

The 2 coaches for the X2 service have been branded Merseylink in the usually Stagecoach style along with route details and are based at AINTREE, not Gillmoss. Both have received fresh paint jobs in the Gillmoss paint shops.

Apart form the B10Ms, the division is now all low floor with the last step entrance Darts being withdrawn and some put into store at Lillyhall, Plaxtons 32175/82*/5 and Northern Counties 32915/7/9/25. The fleet in store now stands at 30!

There was a mix up with the B10Ms that were sent to Yorkshire (Shafton Depot). Only the Endurances were meant to be sent but 2 Striders 21003/7 (M388/93 VWX) were sent by mistake. These were then swapped for 21010 (M649 YLV) and 21012 (N659 EKD). 21013 (N660 EKD) has gone as well. The Endurances have gained local numbers 250-3 (M647/8/50/49 YLV respectively). M648/9 YLV have been painted into Stagecoach colours with the first having its seats retrimmed. Also, whilst on B10Bs, 21004 has been "returned" from loan at Lillyhall and is now in store at Lillyhall!!

Several Darts have been sent to North East (Cleveland Transit), Plaxtons 32173/9/82* (K582 MGT, K767 OGK, K857 LGN) and Dash 32695 (J701 YRM - Gillmoss' last Dash). * It is unknown whether or not 32182 is actually in store or with Cleveland Transit. It is thought more likely to be the latter.

Thanks as usual to Karl Sutton and also the the YTC Yahoo Group for their continued updates on the Shafton B10Bs


More ex London Darts in are 34212/3/18 (W212/3/8 DNO). All are based at Gillmoss and 34218 has already been painted. More form the same batch are due to see off the very last of the step entrance stuff.

The ex CMT SPDs have all moved to Gillmoss with the Solos moving back to Aintree. 33177 (PN02 KCE) has already been painted. Spryte 33148 has also been painted.

Coach news (yes, we now have coaches!!) this time round is that B10M/Interurbans 52172/9 (L582 JSA/L579 JSG) have come from Preston, where they had only been a month after leaving Cambus, for use on the jointly run (with North West) X2 service from Preston to Liverpool. It will replace the X59 (Preston to Southport) and the 284 (Southport to Liverpool).
Another coach in is Mistral/B10M (bit of class!) 52622 (S902 CCD) in colours which was being used as a trial bus on the Liverpool-London service which is soon to move from Manchester's Princess Road depot. Manchester B10M/Paramount Expressliner 52115 (J909 NKP) is in loan to Gillmoss for training.

Movements out have been the Strider and M-reg Endurance B10Bs, 21003-5/7-11, going to Yorkshire Traction Shafton depot.

Thanks as always to Les Burton and Karl Sutton.


Another ex London Dart to arrive is 34221 (W221 DNO) and has already been painted at Gillmoss. Thanks to Karl Sutton.

Also, a few allocation changes are:
All the Crusader Darts 33131-42 are now at Gillmoss with Northern Counties Darts 32920-4 all going back to Aintree. 32919/25 are apparently withdrawn along with all the last ex London Darts bar two, meaning that 32175/9/85/8/915/7 are all out of service with only 32173/82 still in use.The B10Bs at Gillmoss have been withdrawn, with 26004 is on short term loan to Cumbria. Thanks once again to Les Burton for letting me know on this one.

I'll update the fleetlist at a later date when I get a few minutes.


Three Darts have come from London's Plumstead depot for use at Gillmoss. They are 34215/6/9 (W215 DNO etc). Of these, only 2 arrived in the first delivery run with 34216 only getting as far as Bedford. They are Plaxton Pointer 2 bodied 10.1M examples with bonded glazing. 34215 is getting LEDs whereas 19 is getting blinds from a London step Dart.


I have finally completed my GTL History list containing details on every bus ever owned by GTL and Stagecoach Merseyside. To view it, click here. My esteemed thanks must go to Brain Pritchard, Barry McGuire and GlennW2k01 for help with the Titans.

The 7 Paladins expected from Manchester will NOT be coming nor will the last 3 PS B10Ms. The latter are due to go to another division.

All the Dashes are now officially withdrawn with J701 YRM being withdrawn last week.

Renown 21116 has been painted into Stagecoach colours bringing the repaint tally up to 41. There are still 24 ex CMT Volvos left to paint along with a possible 4 Northern Counties Darts. When it comes to Dennis Dart SLFs only 7 Crusaders and 2 of each of the Sprytes and Marshalls need doing along with the 3 MPDs and 5 SPDs. There's also the last Solo to paint (S22 ABC) at Gillmoss. By my powers of calculation, I'd say that that's a total of 48 still to be painted.

North West Solo 47016 (PO51 WLH) is down at Gillmoss for a repaint as noted by Karl Sutton today.

Fleet totals now stand as follows:

75 Brand New Dart SLFs
65 Volvo Citybus/Alexander PS
38 Ex CMT Volvo B10s
23 in Reserve fleet 
12 Crusader Dart SLFs
11 Marshall Capital Dart SLFs 
9 Flood Dart SLFs
8 Ex London Darts
8 Spryte Dart SLFs
7 Ex CMT NC Darts
5 Optare Solos
4 Volvo B10M/Interurban Trainers


The last of the new Darts have now arrived, completing the batch. Due to delivery being a month later than planned the last 12 have received 06 plates: 34809-20 (PX06 DVR/T-W/Y/Z , DWA/C-F).

Volvo B10M/Alexander 20921/31/4/80 (the first cascades) have been transferred to Gillmoss. All the remaining Volvo B10M/NC Paladin, 20602-5, 20653/74/7, have gone to Manchester for Magic Bus work on the 192s. No replacements from Manchester are due as these will be covered by new Darts. It is also unlikely that the batch of Paladins expected from Manchester will be arriving. Trainer B10M 52146 (PSU 443) has returned to East Midlands after only being on loan.

Repaints have been in the form of:
NC Dart 32923
Crusader/Dart SLF 33131/5
East Lancs/Dart SLF 33143/4
Marshall/Dart SLF 33164/9/70

The repaint tally now lies at 41.

Only one Alexander Dash remains in service at Gillmoss now, that being Dart 32695 (J701 YRM). It will be withdrawn imminently, however. All other Dashes are now withdrawn and most have been sold. 7 have been kept in reserve at Lillyhall and Preston depots but they are unlikely to return to service.


Loads more B10Ms in from Manchester are: 20901-3/5/10-13/45 (R901 XVM etc). The 7 Paladins at Gillmoss are due to go to Manchester this week, presumably with replacements coming the other way.

Lots of Darts and B6s have been withdrawn and sold, including the last remaining ex MTL example L246 TKA (7246 in old money):

30142 N416 KPS Volvo B6LE-53 Wright Crusader
30146 L246 TKA Volvo B6-50 Plaxton Pointer
30921 L419 JBD Volvo B6-50 Alexander Dash
30931 L441 LWA Volvo B6-50 Alexander Dash
30937 L450 LWA Volvo B6-50 Alexander Dash
30939 L453 LHL Volvo B6-50 Alexander Dash
30946 M676 SSX Volvo B6-50 Alexander Dash
30957 M844 EMW Volvo B6-50 Alexander Dash
32026 H547 XGK Dennis Dart 8.5M Plaxton Pointer
32184 K859 LGN Dennis Dart 9M Plaxton Pointer
32676 J528 GCD Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander Dash
32699 K588 ODY Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander Dash

This also spells the end of the Plaxton Diddy Dart (of which there were only 4 in the first place). Ex ABC DAFs L700 ABC and N600 ABC have been noted at Manchester and are thought to be kept for trainers. The other DAF, J800 ABC, remains withdrawn at Gillmoss. All the Lynxes have now, sadly, been disposed of leaving only the 5 Interurbans as trainers.

Many buses have been kept in strategic reserve at North West in case of emergencies (I presume!) This surprisingly includes 2 Titans but also includes all remaining Handy-bus Darts and the 2 H-reg Citybuses.

10332 KYV 332X Leyland Titan TNLXB2RR Leyland
10337 KYV 337X Leyland Titan TNLXB2RR Leyland
14045 G645 EVV Leyland Olympian ON6LXB/2RZ Alexander RL
14049 G649 EVV Leyland Olympian ON6LXB/2RZ Alexander RL
20418 H618 ACK Volvo B10M-55 Citybus Alexander PS
20419 H619 ACK Volvo B10M-55 Citybus Alexander PS
32183 K858 LGN Dennis Dart 9M Plaxton Pointer
32280 J609 KCU Dennis Dart 9.8M Wright Handy-bus
32281 K381 RTY Dennis Dart 9.8M Wright Handy-bus
32282 K382 RTY Dennis Dart 9.8M Wright Handy-bus
32283 K383 RTY Dennis Dart 9.8M Wright Handy-bus
32285 K988 SCU Dennis Dart 9.8M Wright Handy-bus
32675 J527 GCD Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander Dash
32677 J531 GCD Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander Dash

11003, one of the Leyland Titans transferred to North West, has been converted to single door and repainted into Stagecoach livery, so the era of the Merseyside Titan isn't over yet!

Many thanks to Les Burton for continued information.


All Darts have been reported delivered up to 34808. 34810 has been sighted at Carlisle depot and has been reregistered PX06 DVT. It is presumed that others after this will follow suit.

Many of the Dashes will be leaving service very soon with only penny numbers left after that, so get the camera out and get them while you still can!!.

The fleetlist has been updated with all known changes. There are many more B10Ms here now so check the list to see which have arrived.


Another cascaded B10M seen is 20898 (P898 GND) from Manchester.

ADL Darts 34747 - 34770 have been branded in green for the 20/21 service on their rooflines, noted by Mark Haldon.


Several Darts and B6s have been transferred to Stagecoach Yorkshire for spares:

30904 L279 JAO Volvo B6-50 9.9M Alexander AM Dash
30909 L403 JBD Volvo B6-50 9.9M Alexander AM Dash
30910 L404 JBD Volvo B6-50 9.9M Alexander AM Dash
30913 L408 JBD Volvo B6-50 9.9M Alexander AM Dash
30918 L413 JBD Volvo B6-50 9.9M Alexander AM Dash
30930 L440 LWA Volvo B6-50 9.9M Alexander AM Dash
30932 L442 LWA Volvo B6-50 9.9M Alexander AM Dash
30941 L454 YAC Volvo B6-50 9.9M Alexander AM Dash
32027 H551 XGK Dennis Dart 8.5M Plaxton Pointer
32177 K591 MGT Dennis Dart 9.8M Plaxton Pointer
32914 L115 HHV Dennis Dart 9M Northern Counties Paladin II
32667 K108 XHG Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander AM Dash
32679 J543 GCD Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander AM Dash
32683 J551 GCD Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander AM Dash
32684 K554 NHC Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander AM Dash
32694 K576 NHC Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander AM Dash
32696 K584 ODY Dennis Dart 9.8M Alexander AM Dash

The final culling of the Lynxes has begun. Only 29146 (G474 DHF) remains in any from of use. 29140 (F521 AEM) was towed away for scrap last week whilst 29131 and 29145 await removal from Gillmoss. It must be noted that 3 out of 4 of the very last Lynxes were new to Halton Transport, as were a lot of the later ones to be withdrawn from service by Stagecoach. The present training fleet consists of 4 cascaded Volvo B10M/Plaxton Interurban, 2 ex ABC DAFs and the last Lynx.

Northern Counties B10M 20601 has passed to Stagecoach Gloucester.

One of the very first GTL Dash/Darts, 7101 J549 GCD, has passed into Stagecoach ownership for the THIRD time after the acquisition of Dukes Travel, Gloucester!! It was initially sold from Stagecoach, where it was 32549, to GTL, then passed to Stagecoach Merseyside where it became 32682. It was then sold to Dukes Travel and has now been re-(re-re-)numbered 32665! Is this Dash going for a record or is it just a jinx??

Hello and welcome to the all new Stagecoach Merseyside website. I will endeavor to actually keep this one up to date as it will be much easier than when it was on Geocities!