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Last Titan Day: 4th February 2006

Here are a selection of photos from the Last Titan Day, 4th February 2006, at Gillmoss garage. The remaining resident Titans, along with a few special guests paraded round Merseyside as a tribute to this fine bus. Click on the pictures to see bigger versions.

The first meets Gillmoss' oldest

Preserved T1 poses next to 2046 outside Gillmoss pits. 2046 is now preserved.

James Rowlands' Merseybus Atlantean 1055 was one of the guest buses of the day.
It was great to see an Atlantean and a Titan meet again after so long!
Another Atlantean visitor was ex GMPTE 8551 with its blinds, very aptly, set to "79 Liverpool Pier Head". It is seen here next to the open top Chesterfield Fleetline.
15344, an ex London Scania, now in use on Magic Bus services in Manchester also stopped for a visit.
Several other Titans were present in the depot but were withdrawn from service.
10698 (ex 2698) was down from Preston depot and looked resplendent in Stagecoach livery which suits the bus extremely well.
The first run of the day was through the tunnel and over to New Brighton on a 432. A brief photo stop was made in Liscard.
T910 was another visitor. It does, however, have a connection to Merseyside - it was owned by Merseyline until the takeover by Arriva in 2004.
There were plenty of opportunities for photographs whilst stopped at New Brighton.
Here, four Titans in a variety of liveries can be seen in a line up that caused a little bit of chaos!
During the break for dinner, the beasts were left lined up on New Brighton front. This spectacular line up was surely a once in a lifetime oportunity!
The same line up from above is seen here closer up with T1 at the front.
After dinner, we ventured back to our side of the river again and headed for a line up at Pier Head (on Canada Boulevard). 2850 (the last running Titan) is seen whilst overtaking T1, from whose top deck the photo was taken.
The line up on Canada Boulevard.
Photos were hindered slightly by the enormous crowds of tourists but still, many shots were taken in this fine setting, underneath the Liver Buildings.
T1 is seen again here under the Liver Buildings.
The parade split up after leaving Pier Head and T1 headed south from the city on a 79, ending up at Gillmoss garage again. It is seen outside the garage in Gillmoss terminus.
Open top guest 15513 is a Fleetline from Chesterfield. Some brave spotters rode back form New Brighton on her top deck!
1055 is seen again all lit up after having a bomb round the Kirkby Industrial Estate with Taff at the wheel!
The perfect end to the perfect day. The workhorses all line up for one last time before their trip to the great bus garage in the sky.